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Looocy’s Visit

August 21, 2008

Ok so an update on the world that is me.

Looocy came up to see me and Crox in the first week of August which was such a relief from the never ending bordom that had proceeded her arrival and the Edinburgh Festival had just gotten started so there was plenty for us to do.

We went to see a comedian called Neil Delamere he was really good. His show was supposed to be loosely based around a trip to Stockholm, well they certainly weren’t using the word loosely … loosely. The show basically was him telling this story and then him going off on tangents throughout and doing so for a full hour. On paper it sounds annoying, but in reality it worked, I’d rather say it created suspense. The show was also very intimate, maybe seating 60 of which there were maybe 40 people in attendance and he had a lot of bouncing things off the audience, he had to have in some fashion incorporate 10, 15 members of the audience into his show, which among other things made you feel that this wasn’t some cookie cutter show. Possibly one of the best things was the unscripted late arrival of 2 audience members – one of whom was a tall leggy blonde Swedish girl – given the shows loose theme around Stockholm a LOT of jokes were at her and her ridiculously good looking boyfriend. He was very good.

We saw the Chinese State Circus which was also very good, tho the tickets were expensive and our seats (the cheapest available naturally) were pretty bad, but the show was good. One of the acts is however possibly one of the gayest things I’d ever seen. First they had these Chinese guys dressed in spandex catsuits in different colours (looked kinda like a cheap version of the power rangers) jumping through small metal rings and landing on top of each other so that at the end there was a group of 6 chinese men lying on top of each other. At this point I exclaimed “That is the gayest thing I have ever seen!” There was a murmer of agreement. They then shimmied themselves up and down on top of the guy beneath them (in order to get some momentum) to then propel themselves backwards through the hoop, but the sight of this blatant display of homo filth lead to another exclamation of “No thats the gayest thing I’ve ever seen!” Which this time received explicit and unanimous agreement. There was also a rather hilarious Olympics sales pitch at the end with the circus performers doing the rings and the vault and standing on that tiered stage to receive medals whilst the flag of china and the UK rose slowly in the background to the singing of the contortionist. I think it was supposed to be moving, but it was more funny than anything else.

Besides a number of street performers including someone escaping from a straight-jacket, rope and chains and someone who was on a unicycle about 6 foot tall having a kid throw a cup, saucer and spoon at his foot which he then kicked on top of his head the next show we saw was Bouncy Castle Dracula. We’d heard good things about their previous shows and well lets be honest the concept – the story of Dracula told on a bouncy castle sounds amazing and fun. So we mosied on down. It was good, but it wasn’t amazing and I think that was largely the fault of the script. The actors were good, the bouncy castle concept was amazing – it did keep you pretty entertained for a good long while, but after about half an hour the novelty had slightly worn off and the script was rather lacking for another hour. But still definately worth the trip. What was fortunate tho was meeting 2 flyerers for the show literally after leaving the bar and realising we had no idea where we were going. They jokingly gave me flyers to hand out, so I flyered on the way to the venue with them. Never a dull moment!

Another reason for Lucy’s trip was to do try and do some travel plans or at least to get the bare basics decided so that we could go off and do the rest from our respective homes. So the plan as is is as follows: Rio, Sao Paulo, Iguassu Falls, Buenos Aires, Fly to Lima, Fly to Cusco, Manu (Amazon), the Inca Trail, Puno and Lake Titicaca, La Paz, Santiago, New Zealand, the East Coast of Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, back to Bangkok. This will take us up to September (2009) Lucy and I will then split ways – she will go home and I will go to do hospitality events management in Queenstown, NZ for 6 months and then PR events management in Sydney for 6 months. At this time (September 2010) I may or may not decide to return home, who knows?

Japan and China where I do REALLY want to go were sadly cut from the tour mostly because I feel each country would take a good month each to do and Japan is particularly expensive. It just wasn’t going to be practical to do. I may also have then be talking about a return date in 2011 (somewhat ridiculous really) plus theres the fact Lucy had no desire really to go so I’d probably have been off by myself. Just means I’ll have to go off on another trip… I hear Japan also do working holiday visas! The trip will actually still take in 13 countries, just a different 13, but the number of wonders of the world is alas down to 2 as we’ll be missing out on the Great Wall.

And on the subject of countries in my last post I had discussed how there are 194 countries as recognised by the United States. However, when watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony I realised the Olympic Committee recognises 204. Who are these mysterious 10 countries? I am intrigued, tho not enough so to get a physical list of both countries and compare them (talk to me in a month and I’m sure I may well have).

I’m still unemployed. I’ll keep you updated on that, but the Festival is nearing a close and the Scottish uni students return at the start of September so I have great hope for a sudden influx of jobs to become available. I should hopefully have a job by my next update.

Til then.

Drew x


A Fresh Start

August 1, 2008

So I’m a uni graduate, when the fuck did that happen?! I swear it was like no time ago that I actually started uni, moved out from the crippling grip of my parents and started afresh in Newcastle, a place I have come to love like no other. I got to be an all together different person, no one knew me, there were no preconceptions and I was able to be myself for what seemed like the first time. Without a doubt Newcastle changed me for the better. I’m more confident in myself, meeting new people, in what I do. So here I am 3 years later back in Edinburgh with the parents and it feels very very constrictive.

The parents, as per usual, are interrogating me at every possible opportunity about what I’ve been up to, what I’m going to be doing, how the job hunt is going, how the travel plans are. Anyone who knows my relationship with my parents will know I tell them nothing, I do not communicate with them at all to the point that my mother seemingly thought I was dead briefly last term. I don’t talk to them because I don’t want them to know or interfere with my life, me and parents are just on entire different wavelengths, alas being at home makes avoidance rather more difficult. My brother has been back a month now and he is beyond frustrated with them. I’ve been back 2 weeks and I think I might resort to killing them in their sleep next week.

Anyways I’ll keep you updated with any developments into murder career. It is at present the only form of career that seems likely in the immediate future as there are NO jobs in Edinburgh. I don’t know whether to blame Gordon Brown, the credit crunch or the fact that all the festival goers and returned students have stolen all the jobs, but there is actually nothing anywhere, which is frustrating as it is significantly hindering my saving for traveling.

So with all this time with nothing better to do I’ve been trying to evaluate my life and re-evaluate what is important to me and what I want to achieve in life. No better time at this transitional period and short interlude in my life.

So my sex life has been shit for quite sometime due to stupid fuckwits eroding my confidence and then giving me their filthy bloody diseases and my love life has been fairly non existant. I want to improve in both these areas and put my new found confidence in myself to use in looking for a boyfriend. I realise these things happen rather organically and cant be forced, but you’ve got to put yourself out there in the first place.

I really want to travel, see the world. There are approximately 195 countries in the world (the 194 recognised by the US plus Taiwan, which as much as China would like it not to be is a country in its own right really) and I want to see them all. My upcoming travels should make a good start. My current hope is to visit: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan and Singapore. Thats 13 countries that take in 3 of the 7 new wonders of the world and a lot of very cool and different cultures. I’m very excited at the prospect.

Semi related to both the previous is my fitness. At uni I have gotten fat. Well, it was mostly the result of the last year, lost weight in first, gained in second, gained a lot in third. The point is that I am very unfit atm and for reasons of confidence (and pride) and the practicality of walking the inca trail etc etc I need to get a lot fitter. Be nice to be able to walk without a top on without feeling self conscious too

Lastly is to try and figure out what I want to do with my life so far as a career goes. Recently I’ve been thinking of event management as its something that I’m quite good at and as we all know I love a good party and good with unexpected disasters. But you know me anything I do I want to do well, so I’m looking at doing internships to get experience in it, I then found an awesome group that do internships in NY if you have a years experience in the field, which I think would be awesome to do if I decide after an internship its what I really want to do and would facilitate a lot more traveling in the US.

Thats it for now

Drew x