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Its September?!

September 4, 2008

Trying to find anything to write about when you’re life is about as interesting as a sack of potatoes is a hard task. I’ve been beyond bored, redefining bored, I may even be putting in a patent application for an altogether new form of bordom I have created for myself. But it occurred to me today that it is September (it has infact been September for 4 days now – I’m very observant) and I have not achieved very much. I came back home mid July and keen to move on from uni sent out applications to all the jobs I could find, alas this proved not to be very many at all. And with the exception of Lucy’s visit up for the Edinburgh Fringe August proved to be just as fruitless. It is only now the begining of September than any vacancies have emerged along Princess Street (keeping in mind we are talking about thousands of potential jobs) and even then there is no guarantee that I will secure any of them, all flying in the face of the albeit rather ambitious plan to secure a job of some (any) description by mid August. I’m not even being picky, the jobs just do not exist and the ones that do I am seemingly too inexperienced for.

And this got me thinking about plans for the future. I am a massive planner. Its one of the reasons why I am so good at events (or at least I like to think so). When it came to ’silent outRAGe’ I planned everything down to the smallest detail from the big things like the DJs and all the advertising to the little things like selling glowbands and having free bottles of water available at the end. I think big, but plan down to the small. It is the only thing that has been keeping me sane the past few weeks. Armed with Lonely Planet and the internet I have been planning and budgeting mine and Lucy’s travels round the world. We’re going to be traveling for 5 months (I’ll then be working in NZ and Oz for 6 months each, but haven’t confirmed this yet) for which I have managed to put together a plan 18 pages of A4 in length, incorporating the Lonely Planet’s suggested shoestring budgets, sights we want to see in each place, good places to stay (as recommended by people in their STA travel blogs) and transport (including a 50p airport transfer in Malaysia). Suffice to say I have gone a bit overboard on the planning. It has however given possibly the most accurate budget ever written. It is, however, BIG.

The 5 months of travel (157 days to be precise) came in at US$9213.75 approximately £5148 excluding flights and any shopping (and since I intend to buy MUCH from Hoi An this is not good). The flights were quoted to us by STA at approximately £1500. Meaning for the 5 months of traveling we are looking at something in the region of £7000 (US12,422). On top of which I need to earn about another £2500 for my year of working abroad to be entirely self sufficient. So I have now somehow created a situation where I have 7 months to earn £9500. The average net montly salary in the UK is £1388 according to the Office of National Statistics, which would just cover this amount, but since I am obviously going to be in the lower part of this ‘mean’ calculation (aren’t maths puns fun?) it doesn’t look particularly achievable. In fact it would seem I’m going to have to start planning the selling of my body and possessions soon.

I just don’t want this to prove to be another thing I work hard for and hype myself up for just to be disappointed in the end. The TV has been broken this week, which hasn’t helped with the bordom, and it just left me to realise how much of my life was wrapped up in Newcastle and specifically the union and its upsetting to know that its in the past regardless of however much I might want it to be different. I was talking to one of the other loosing candidates the other day too (not the one you’d think) and they agreed that they’d still not really gotten over the loss. And it sounds ridiculous to anyone else. How can you mourn a job you never even had in the first place? How can you even mourn a job? But it was something different, it was a continuation of student life, a job that could make a difference to a lot of people and you could trully enjoy. To have it ripped away from you is devastating and the day I lost was without a doubt the most upsetting of my life (and I’ve had plenty reasons to be upset in the past).

So I’m hoping for some replies from employers in the near future. I sent off many emails and CVs today and I’m picking up a whole bundle of applications tomorrow (now that the summer students and Fringe workers have gone back home). I’m hoping for the best, but with so much time on your hands and nothing to do but wait for someone to get back to you with a job offer its hard not to dwell on the past and hope for the future to be different.