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If I Had 1 Million Dollars…

February 13, 2009

… I’d be happy that I’d won a dollar prize at a time when the pound was catastrophically low against it. So as one always does when short on blog ideas I turn to Davey Wavey who always has a a good question to answer. His first – what advice would you give your 14 year old self?

I said I’d tell myself to be less self concious. At school I thought A LOT about what people thought of me, unhealthily so, every year we had a day at school where we could wear whatever we wanted (otherwise it was a strict uniform of shirt, trousers and disgusting furry blazer) and I would spend hundreds of pounds on an outfit to wear. One year I came very close to wearing 1 thousand pounds worth of clothing I have very rarely worn since. I stopped eating lunch and snacks to lose weight and successfully lost a lot of weight and this continued into uni to the point that I passed out one day. So I suggested I exercise a bit more, eat healthier and try my best to be less self concious.

So I then realised that I was in fact STILL highly self conscious when asked his second question of the week – what would you do  with one million dollars?

My answer – buy many beautiful clothes, and  clothes that ultimarely together formed a style rather than the mish mash they currently form. I have plain clothes, high end designer clothes and some athletic numbers (abercrombie) together they form more of an awkward patch work quilt at best. And cosmetic surgery. I’d get some lipo around my stomach and thighs, get myself a new face, a skin peel, botox around my forehead and underarms for sweating. Ultimately I wanted to spend them all on a number of aesthetic shallow things and I somewhat disapointed myself. I didn’t think I was beyond such materialistic things by any means but I thought confronted with such a question I might answer with spend it on traveling, save some, buy a penthouse and whilst these answers did feature further down the hypothetical line they were all second to answers revolving around my appearance.

The conclusion of this blog – I’m still self-concious and not confident in myself. Bad times. But the question is what advice would you give your 14 year old self? AND what would you do with a million dollars?


A Weekend of Hot Men

February 3, 2009

So had a good weekend this week.

Went to GHQ on Saturday night and saw the oh so attractive and cute Austin from X Factor perform (yes I am a complete fag) was a little disappointed in his song choices – he just sang the songs he had sang on the show – I was dancing away wondering to myself why he thought these songs would prove more popular with the crowd than the great british viewing public, but I suspect it is probably because he was practising them for the X Factor Tour coming up. He did however look hot as fuck. Wearing a nice tight leather jacket, which was at some point removed, to reveal a nice tighter white T (alas this was not removed). If it is possible he looked even hotter in person than on TV. I would have molested him but there was a human wall of screaming gays between him and me so it clearly wasnt to be.



Was a good night, Johny who I went with ended up swiftly going home (or into the street, a brothel, or somewhere) with a particularly hot man we met, which was rather annoying, but thankfully said hot man had also abandoned a friend so we spent the night together talking and dancing with randoms.

Sunday was of course Superbowl Sunday and so we had stocked up on beer, crisps, microwave popcorn, we had fajitas for half time and chocolate chip muffins (I ain’t bluffin) for those of us with a sweet tooth. The game was good. There were some frankly shambolic points in the game. The Cardinals defense was fairly attrocious, but equally the Steelers left a massive gap in their defense allowing the Cardinals to catch up and make the end of the game really quite close – down to the last minute literally.

But wait a minute Andrew! This is supposed to be a blog entry about hot men, what possible man could I be refering to the majority of american football players a built like a brick house and overly muscular,. Well boys and girls meet Kurt Warner.


Not the best photo, but the man is hot and ripped and a damn good player, largely responsible (as most quarterbacks are) for the teams good performance (even tho they didn’t win). Had I not been watching the game with a room full of people I’d have been naughty.

I also discovered 90210. Its no gossip girl (which reminds me – new episode this evening  – yay!) but its some pretty good shit and far more importantly the men are HOT. The plot really is just secondary to the strutting stuff of the shirtless and perfect hunks. I don’t think theres really very much more to say – heres the evidence.

Adam Gregory

Adam Gregory

Dustin Milligan

Dustin Milligan

Kelllan Lutz

Kelllan Lutz

*Drools* Also does anyone else think Adam Gregory looks ridiculously like James Marsden (Cyclops from X-men)? I feel they must be related. So thats it for this week kids. Some pics for your spank bank, a few perhaps worth committing to memory for those lonely nights. I promise I’ll become a man of substance in the near future. Til then I’ll be vaguely pornographic.

Drew x