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Always Coca-Cola

January 11, 2011

Ok so I’m kinda cheating by combining 2 days into this entry – already slipping on the old resolutions, however I have been incredibly busy and the weather has been pretty lousy.

These photos were however, taken over the past 2 days and is in keeping with the story of my life as today I was writing a proposal for Coca-Cola Amatil about volunteering opportunities for employees in Victoria and Tasmania.

So there you go! Not entirely random. It is however at slight odds with my current drinking habits – I bought a box of 24 Pepsi Max cans last week for $11 and have been slowly working my way through 🙂 Still manage to fit in a coke zero at work tho 😉

Roll the pics!


Name In Lights

January 9, 2011

So as part of the Sydney Festival you were able to submit your name online to have it shown in lights across the Australian Museum for 15 seconds of fame – a pun, of course, on Andy Warhol’s famous quote regarding a time where everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame.

I entered my name and was told it would be shown at 8:02:20 AM. Sufficed to say I wasn’t very impressed with the am part, particularly since, on a Sunday, no one but the hardcore clubbers who were still about and off their face would be awake to see it.

Regardless, I dragged my ass out of bed and the photo is below for all to see, in order to drag out my 15 seconds to at least a respectable minute and a half.


January 8, 2011

Today I had a pretty informative meeting at Mardi Gras all about Leadership – what makes an effective leader, an effective team, how best to delegate and to provide feedback. Some pretty useful stuff, none of which I shall bore you with.

The one fact that may interest you (it interested me) is that for every negative experience a consumer has with a product or service he/she will on average tell 26 people about it. For every positive experience a consumer has they shall tell just 3.

Anyways, it was therefore a pretty gay day, and I spent the rest of it on Oxford Street having a coffee at Coco C, dinner at Wok on Inn with Shaun and then back to Coco C again for some people watching.

So with all that in mind today’s photo is of an art piece in Taylor Square right smack in the middle of the Sydney gay scene depicting a typical sign post with various gay messages.

The Adventures of Swan Girl!

January 7, 2011

So today after work Shaun and I went for a coffee at Coco C, a nice walk through Hyde Park and a drink at Columbian before enjoying a cheap Japanese dinner from Don Don where our flatmate Mana works.

What we did not expect was to be continually confronted with a Lady Gaga wannabe dragging a fuck-off-sized swan around all day. Check the photos to see what I mean.

Sydney Town Hall

January 6, 2011

Today was a gorgeously sunny day in which I was kept in an outrageously stuffy office. So please enjoy this nice photo of Sydney Town Hall round the corner from the office on one of several desperate attempts to escape the sauna.

Another Poster

January 5, 2011

This poster simply amused me. You’ll also be able to see me in the reflection of the glass!

Think about your choices!

January 4, 2011

Today’s entry is a photo of a poster that resonated with me. Asking people to think about their choices. Ok, so it is intended to prompt people to re-evalute their levels of gambling, but puting that aside I thought it was a really strong message.

Its also something I’ve been having to do a lot of lately. My visa in Australia is shortly coming to an end, and I’ve been trying to find sponsorship in order to stay. It is not easy to say the least. Its forced me to look at alternatives and what I’d be willing to sacrifice in order to stay. Similarly I’ve had to start thinking and planning for my return to the UK in the event that I’m unable to stay as much as I’d like to.

I’ll keep you updated on my visa progress. What choices have you been thinking about recently?

MORE Graffiti!

January 3, 2011

So following yesterday’s rhino entry, I thought I’d share this piece of graffiti from further down the street. Its less funky and definately less stylised, however it is of Sydney which is cool.

Which of the two do you prefer?

Around the House

January 2, 2011

So for my second photo I took a picture of this cool graffiti that is opposite our house and that I walk past everyday.

The art on this wall is changed pretty regularly before it was this funky cartoon “shark dog” now it is some kind of pompous rhino?

Regardless, enjoy!


January 1, 2011

So another new year and I’m making a concious effort to be less shit – so one of my many MANY New Year’s resolutions was to take at least one photo everyday so as to not forget when time goes by and so as to better appreciate all the little things that make up my day.

Enjoy the first – images of the New Year from Sydney!

Sydney NY NYE New Year 2011