Hi! And welcome to the Wonderful World of Drewberry – its like Disney, but smuttier. Its also a lot more sarcastic so imagine perhaps a smuttier version of Disney for a British audience. Theres also gonna be gratuitous gay boys thrown into the mix and probably a lot of alcohol so maybe its really nothing like Disney and really a lot more like Hollyoaks.

My name is Andrew Berrie thus Drewberry. If you can’t make the connection (my 10 year old cousin for example cannot) message me and I will do my best to help you out. So I created this new blog to replace my old xanga www.xanga.com/andrewberrie as I had stopped writing and after leaving university realised there was this massive gap where my life had once been documented. Thinking I would remember the events of the past year and a half I have discovered that alcohol has taken its toll and eroded much of my memory. But surely facebook will hold the answers? You have near 2000 photos of yourself over this missing period surely it will fill in the blanks? No, alas it simply documents said erosion of brain cells with shot after shot (no pun intended) of alcohol fueled antics. This albeit did form a rather substantial bulk of my time, but certainly not true to the overall experience. And so this ‘The Life and Times of Drewberry’ was created.

So some background information:

  • Currently 21
  • Gay
  • Went to Newcastle Uni and currently resides in Edinburgh
  • Currently planning ways to not currently reside in Edinburgh – traveling the world beginning April
  • Like clubbing – dancing, singing along (badly), drinking (well), having fun with friends.
  • Loves shopping.
  • Wants to be fitter, but looses the motivation to ever become fit (alas this must change before aforementioned traveling – we’re doing quite a bit of trekking).

If theres anything else you wanna know just ask!

Drew x


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Eatinglifeup Says:

    According to your comment on Davey’s site today you are going on your trip? So you got things lined up or you are still planning it?

  2. andrewberrie Says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know I had an about page, lol. Alas it is very much in the planning stage not leavin til April, APRIL!!! But me and my travel buddy are fitting a LOT in in a pretty short space of time (5 months, but 13 countries) and we want it cheap so its being planned with almost military precision so we know how much we need to save and can book airline tickets ASAP to get them good and cheap.

    However, since I have no intention of returning to the UK after 5 months I’ve also been planning internships in New Zealand and Australia that should boost my travels by a further 12 months at least. So I ought to be back sometime around September 2010. Then I can start planning another trip abroad.

  3. Eatinglifeup Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the update! I have been curious about your travel plans after your last post. Sounds like a great plan. I commented here because I couldn’t find an e-mail address on your site. So sorry if I turned this into a bit of a fbook type wall. I hope that you write more about your planning. If not I will wait till APRIL LOL for random updates from your travels!

  4. andrewberrie Says:

    Don’t apologise gives me something to do, for example I completed my about page yesterday after discovering that it existed. Relatively productive and more entertaining than watching another rerun.

    Once I’ve settled in a bit more and got a life in Edinburgh I’ll update more, I’ll be sure to include updates on the travel planning, besides its the only thing thats gonna keep me going til April.

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